About Me


I am a native New Yorker with an inherent curiosity about and respect for different cultures. I enjoy working with therapy clients from diverse backgrounds. I bring to my practice a unique combination of skills.  

My prior life in the high pressured advertising and business world has made me sensitive to the many real workplace issues that business and creative people face in New York.

My Gestalt therapy training has taught me to recognize and address the myriad of relationship and personal issues that we all encounter, and ways to work through these to maximize our happiness and life satisfaction.


Years in Practice:  5 years

School:  Gestalt Associates for Psychotherapy, New York

Year Graduated:  2018

License and State:  Licensed Psychoanalyst #001048-01, New York

Other Degrees:

MBA, American Graduate School of International Management ("Thunderbird")

MA, Romance Languages, City College of New York

My Approach


My presence is both focused and compassionate; I will challenge you to stretch when you are ready and able, but will check in with you first to ensure your comfort and willingness to try something different.


Therapy works best for people when they feel a sense of safety in the therapy environment; I embrace this truth and will be with you in a focused, empathetic and judgment-free way, as we embark together on your  important journey of exploration and growth.

For couples, the work is a bit different. 

In individual therapy, an important goal is to create a relationship of trust between client and therapist. While a couple will also want to feel trust with their therapist, it is the relationship between the partners which must be fostered and developed. The therapist functions more as facilitator.  

Communications in relationships often provoke strong emotional reactions.  I will slow things down to ensure each in the couple is listening and empathizing with the other. I may introduce a structured dialogue technique to improve communications, which can also be practiced by clients at home.